Dan Onion EP

by Dan Onion



released December 20, 2011



all rights reserved


Dan Onion Austin, Texas

Dan Onion is really good at talking about himself.

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Track Name: Don't Make Me Stay
Well I got my car and I got my keys.
I'm gonna beg you baby down on my knees,
"Please just let me make my way on home."
When I got here, girl,
you were looking fine.
One look from you,
wanted you to be all mine.
But now I just want to get on by alone.

Don't look so sad.
This evening wasn't so bad.
But I snore and smell and steal the sheets,
and I'd shock you, baby, with my cold feet.
So please don't make me stay tonight.

When you kissed me, baby,
the world it spun.
But now I gotta get on the run.
I gotta find my way out somehow.
You made me stumble,
you made me sweat,
but all I feel now, is regret.
Baby, the time for me to go is right now.

Well I like you, girl,
I really do.
But that stare is gonna tare me in two.
So please just let me get on my way.
Don't lock the door,
don't lock it twice.
Your eyes are colder than glacier ice.
Don't know know I can't stay.

Don't look so mad.
This evening wasn't so bad.
But I toss and turn and I talk in my sleep.
There ain't nothing you can do,
these problems run deep.
So please don't make me stay tonight.